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 8th - Elizabeth and Cameron welcome Lucky home. Lucky finds a suspicious note in Liz's bag.

 9th, Part Two - Liz tells Lucky and Luke and LuLu's latest adventure and is called away by Emily to give blood for Sam. Lucky is convinced Liz is having an affair and asks a co-worker to follow her.

 10th Part One, Part Two, Part Three - Liz helps tend to Sam and Rodriegez reports back to Lucky about Liz's whereabouts. Nikolas tries again to talk sense into Lucky and Liz learns Stan is Epiphany's son.

 15th - Liz is arrested, along with Epiphany and Patrick, for assisting in Sam's surgery. Lucky shows up at the PCPD and confronts her and Patrick.

 16th - Alexis drops the charges against the surgery crew and Liz and Patrick discuss their need to be more careful.

 17th Part One, Part Two - Lucky misinterprets a moment between Patrick and Liz and confronts Patrick. Lucky has Rodriegez continue to follow Liz and Patrick, who show up at a hotel.

 22nd Part One, Part Two - Lucky downs pills and confronts Liz and Patrick at the hospital. Liz finally explains that she's been acting as a personal nurse to a patient at the Cosmopolitan hotel. Upset afterwards, Lucky goes to Kellys and dances with Maxie while Liz goes to the docks and talks with Jason.

 23rd Part One, Part Two, Part Three - More of Lucky/Maxie and Liz/Jason; later Lucky again sees Patrick talking with Liz.

 29th - Lucky wants to go back to work, but Liz, Mac and Nikolas think overwise.

 31st Part One, Part Two - Maxie warns Lucky, Liz talks to Sam. Liz tells Nikolas about Jason paying for Lucky's physical therapy. Patrick gives Lucky a good bill of health. Liz and Jason talk about Lucky and Sam. Maxie is caught lurking around the prescription cart.


 1st Part One, Part Two - Maxie is accused of stealing. Sam interrupts Liz and Jason. Lucky covers for Maxie and brings flowers for Liz. Patrick flirts with Liz. Maxie steals pills for Lucky who then sees Liz walking around with Patrick.

 5th - Lucky throws an accusation at Elizabeth.

 6th Part One, Part Two, Part Three - Liz responds to Lucky's accusations and leaves, later meeting up with Emily, Lainey and co. at Jakes for another Girls Night Out. Lucky confronts Patrick on the docks.

 8th Part One, Part Two, Part Three - Liz goes to Jason, tries to talk him into returning to Sam, and asks for help with Lucky. Lucky goes to the firing range. Liz and Lucky meet at the hospital and he tells her about a bust.

 9th Part One, Part Two - Lucky at his stakeout, Liz keeps leaving him messages. Maxie wanders by and Lucky asks her to steal more pills. Worried about Lucky, Liz again asks Jason for help. Jason goes down to the stakeout and makes the shot that helps a slightly disoriented Lucky makes the bust.

 12th Part One, Part Two - Jason covers Lucky's back at the stakeout and Lucky gest the credit. Patrick thinks something is fishy and Liz asks him not to tell anyone. Liz goes to Jason to ask about what happened. Maxie gives Lucky more pills.

 13th Part One, Part Two - Liz defends Lucky against Lucky's supposition that he is on pills. Lucky "apologizes" to Patrick, who responds by needling Lucky with the knowledge he didn't shoot the dealer.

 14th Part One, Part Two - Sam interupts Jason and Liz on the docks. Lucky asks Maxie for more pills. Elizabeth confronts Lucky about his drug use.

 19th - Lucky and Elizabeth attend Nikolas' son's surprise party; Lucky comes to Maxie's rescue when a dealer gets too close.

 27th Part One, Part Two - Elizabeth re-enacts her capture by Manny to help Jason find Sam.


 3rd - Liz creates a distraction to help Jason escap from the PCPD; later, Lucky holds Jason at gunpoint, but Liz convinces him to let Jason go.

 4th - Liz tells Lucky about Manny kidnapping Sam; Lucky pops some pills. Lucky's clumsiness breaks Jason's concentration and Manny shoots him. Manny gets away and Lucky and Jason pursue him to the roof. Following a fight and Lucky's one shot, Jason pushes Manny over the edge. Lucky takes credit for the kill. Jason collapses in Liz's arms.

 5th Part One, Part Two - Liz is relieved Lucky is safe. Maxie offers to get more pills for Lucky. Patrick questions Liz about her relationship with Jason; Lucky continues with his delusions of killing Manny. Lucky gets praise at the PCPD while Patrick questions the chain of events to Liz. Alexis learns the truth about Manny's death. Lucky thanks Liz during a press conference and Maxie looks put out.

 6th Part One - Lucky tells Liz he's being awarded a medal and Liz talks to Patrick. She tends to Jason and Alexis questions Lucky about Manny's death.
 Part Two - Maxie airs her concerns over stealing medication for Lucky. Liz talks up Jason to Alexis. Maxie guilts Lucky about thanking his wife and kisses him.
 Part Three - Liz tends to Jason again and Patrick gives him an optimisted bill of health. Patrick tells Liz about the missing medication. Maxie tries to convince Lucky Patrick is after Liz.

 7th - Liz defends Lucky to Patrick. Ric and Lucky talk about Manny. Patrick apologizes, and Lucky gets off the elevator in time to see them laughing together.

 10th - Lucky sulks away like a wounded puppy. Patrick tells Liz that Jason has left the hospital. Liz goes looking for Jason to warn him about his health. Maxie snitches to Lucky about Liz leaving her shift early and implies she went to meet Patrick instead of checking on a patient. Lucky kisses Maxie. Liz goes to Carly looking for Jason.

 11th - Patrick catches Lucky and Maxie kissing. They scamper over their excuses. Liz fights with Carly about Jason. Patrick tells Lucky if another bottle of pills goes missing from the hospital, he's coming after him. Maxie hovers around to make sure Patrick doesn't tell Liz about she and Lucky.

 12th - Lucky surprises Liz at work. When she leaves to help a patient, he pops more pills. Lucky overhears Liz making excuses to Lainey, saying she's off to do "something personal". He follows her to Kellys, where Carly wonders why he thinks Liz is cheating on him. Lucky joins Ric, Nik, Max and Patrick at Jakes to mix some alcohol with his drugs.

 13th - Lucky fantasizes about his cousin Carly seductively teases him with pills (if you were wondering, yes that was the sound of me vomiting). Liz thinks Lucky has forgotten the anniversary of their engagement, but he surprises her with white roses.

 14th Part One, Part Two - Lucky pops pills at the hospital and narrowly avoids being caught by Liz. Lucky goes to Kellys to ask Maxie to get him more pills. Lucky's medal ceremony. Lucky fails to show up for his own party because he's meeting Maxie, who's pissy because he thanked his wife again, instead of her, his drug-dealer. She taunts him with the pills and he grabs her and screams in her face. Her genius response is to kiss him.

 17th - Maxie tries to convince Lucky it's not wrong to cheat on his wife. Liz asks Jason if Lucky killed Manny or he did. Maxie eavesdrops on their convesation (having magically made it from the docks to the hospital with her lightning shoes). Jason tells her the truth. Maxie taunts Liz about her friendship with Jason. LuLu asks Lucky why he didn't bother to show up for the party Liz threw for him, accusing him of becoming their father. Lucky makes another promise he won't keep. Liz meets Lucky outside Kellys and tells him whatever has gone wrong, they can handle it.

 18th - Maxie eavesdrops on Liz and Lucky at Kellys, where they talk about night Manny died and Lucky admits he has doubts about that night. Maxie gives Lucky more pills. When he acts like he might be acknowledging how dangerous they are, Maxie presses him and leaves him the pills. Lucky threatens Jason. Liz tells Jason she's going to tell Lucky the truth about Manny. Jason tries to talk her out of it. Liz opts not to tell Lucky, and they head home. Lucky can't lift a few boxes of pastries without needing a pill while Stalker Maxie watches.

 24th Part One, Part Two - Lucky talks to Maxie about how he's not Liz's hero anymore and they don't have any time to be together anymore. Liz asks Maxie if she's sees Lucky lately, and Maxie lies. Liz tells Emily she hasn't been able to find Lucky all day and tells her about Lucky's lack of faith in her. Alexis asks Liz to have Lucky call her about her missing file from the PCPD. When she leaves, Liz shreds the file she stole.

 25th Part one, Part Two - Alexis comes looking for Lucky again. Liz questions Georgie about Maxie's whereabouts. Liz and Jason meet on the pier and she tells him about the file she stole. He tells her never to do anything like that for him again. Liz tells Emily she still hasn't heard from Lucky and she wonders if she's not spending enough time with him. Liz sets up a romantic evening at their apartment and Lucky brushes her off. Lucky accuses her of cheating with Patrick. Liz tells him how proud she is of him, how much she loves him but he refuses to get out of his sulk.

 28th Part One, Part Two - Lucky insinuates to Sam that she stole Jason's file. She defends Jason and Lucky defends himself, asserting that he's the one that killed Manny. Liz helps with Patrick's HIV test and when Patrick asks for a distraction she tells him her concerns about Lucky. Meanwhile, Lucky looks through the Manny Ruiz file and starts to put things together. Lucky comes home and throws a fit because he's not the one that killed Manny and sinks into self-loathing. Liz tries to comfort him and finds a bottle of pills in his pocket.

 31st Part One, Part Two - Lucky accuses Liz of pretending to care about him to set him up. Liz asks him where he's getting his pills and he storms off. Liz meets Patrick at the hospital and tells him about finding the pills. Lucky sulks and takes more pills on the docks and screams at Emily when she passes by. Patrick advises Liz to get Lucky into rehab and what to expect. The elevator opens just in time for Lucky to see them hugging (of course). He meets Maxie with more pills, tells her she the only one that understands him and they make out in a moving vehicle like all smart, put-together people do.


 1st Part One, Part Two, Part Three - Liz goes to Nikolas with her fears that Lucky is addicted. Lucky, distracted while making out with Maxie, lets his cruiser hit Edward's car. Lucky talks his way out of trouble with Edward and later meets with Nikolas. He lashes out at Nik and blames Liz for their troubles. Lucky goes home and tells Liz what happened, and Liz again tries to help him see he has a problem.

 2nd, Part Two, Part Three - Liz goes to Jason's to tell him Lucky knows Jason really killed Manny, not him. Lucky gets more pills from Maxie, then goes to Jason to talk about Manny. Liz hides from Lucky, and when he leaves, talks to Jason about Lucky's addiction. Liz returns home where Lucky distracts her by talking about the boxcar and their past. Liz wakes up in Lucky's arms, still worried about her husband's condition.

 4th Part One, Part Two - Lucky takes Jason to the PCPD; Liz and Cam see LuLu on the docks and talk about motherhood. Lucky sees Ric outside Kellys and they talk about Jason. Later, he meets up with Liz, Cam and LuLu. When LuLu tries to leave, she knocks over her bag of condoms.

 7th Part One, Part Two - Liz tries to talk to LuLu about the condoms and her sex life, but LuLu hurries away. Lucky brushes off the topic when Liz tries to concern hiim with his sister's life. Liz tells him they need to start talking about a solution to his problem, and goes to take Cam to her grandmother's. Lucky immediately calls Maxie. When Liz returns, Lucky continues to make excuses for his drug use. LuLu tries to read the results of her pregnancy test when she is interrupted by her susprise party.

 8th, Part Two - LuLu's birthday party. Patrick shows up, Lucky gets stupid. He gets more pills from Maxie and Carly follows as he takes Maxie to a room upstairs. Carly tells Liz what she saw but Liz doesn't believe her. She looks for herself and finds Lucky in bed with Maxie.

 9th Part One, Part Two, Part Three - Liz tells Lucky what she saw, after he lies to her about where he had been all night, and Lucky blames her for his affair. Liz throws his pills at him and leaves. At the hospital, Liz goes after Maxie, who accuses her of cheating with Patrick. Lucky goes to Maxie for more pills and Maxie sets Elizabeth up to catch her and Lucky in the act.

 10th Part One, Part Two - Liz sees Lucky with Maxie, tells him their marriage is over and leaves. She sees LuLu on the docks and talks with Audrey at Kellys. LuLu goes to see Lucky, but he's too wasted to listen to her. Lucky tells her to leave. Hearing a voice at the door, Lucky thinks it is Elizabeth, but finds Maxie. Elizabeth, standing in the shadows, watches Lucky invite Maxie into their home.

 11th Part One, Part Two - Liz goes to work angry and has a confrontation with Georgie about her sister. She then snaps at Dr. Lee flirting with another married doctor and gets chewed out and sent home by Epiphany. Thinking she has no home to go to, she arrives at Jason's door.

 14th Part One - Lucky stumbles (literally) around Wyndemere, wasted, telling Nikolas and Emily how he's screwed everything up. Liz goes to Jason, tells him about Lucky, and he tells her about Sam and Ric.
 Part Two - More Liz/Jason commiserating on their relationships. LuLu walks in on Lucky's angry trip.
 Part Three - Liz and Jason start to talk of their past and the "special connection" and look for comfort in each other's arms. Lucky storms out of Wyndemere. LuLu asks Nikolas to follow him to make sure he doesn't hurt himself.
 Part Four - Lucky sits around with his pills and his gun. Jason asks Liz to stay the night as Sam approaches the PH door.

 15th Part One, Part Two, Part Three - Sam walks away from the door, but Jason hears something, going into "guard-with-gun" mode. A lot more of Liz/Jason talking.

 17th, Part Two - Elizabeth wakes up with Jason and lounges around his penthouse talking things over. Lucky wallows in a drunken, drug-addled state. Liz returns home to an emtpy apartment to find a note from Lucky.

 18th Part One, Part Two, Part Three - Liz follows Lucky's note to find him at an NA meeting. She goes home and starts to pack a bag, but when Lucky gets home she has decided against it. Lucky starts to make apologies, and needs to know Liz won't leave him. Lucky breaks things off with Maxie; Liz goes to Jason's to ask him to keep their night together a secret. He tells her it's too late.

 21st Part One, Part Two - Lucky tells Maxie it was the pills that made him act the way he did. Jason explains to Liz he told Sam about them. Lucky goes to GH to see Liz and they talk about his NA meetings. Maxie tricks Liz into meeting with her.

 22nd Part One, Part Two - Maxie bluffs with Liz about Lucky and Liz makes it plain: "Stay away". Liz makes sure Jason knows she never wants Lucky to find out about them. Later, she helps Lucky with his withdrawal, but he refuses to go to rehab.

 23rd Part One, Part Two - Liz wakes up and Lucky is gone. Lucky busts a dealer on the docks and lies to Cruz about his health. At home, still arguing over rehab, Edward stops by and drops the news about LuLu's pregnancy. Lucky fights Edward over the baby. Liz calls Emily and Nikolas for support, Lucky calls Maxie for pills.

 24th - Jason runs into Elizabeth on the pier and they talk about their night together.

 25th Part One, Part Two - Lucky has a nightmare about finding Liz in bed with Patrick and killing her. He and Liz discuss rehab more. Nikolas comes to stay with Lucky while Liz visits with Cam. Nik talks up rehab to Lucky, Liz talks about Cam and Lucky with Emily. Maxie eavesdrops. She hears Liz promise she'll leave Lucky if he starts taking again, and later meets Lucky with a fresh bag of pills.

 28th Part One, Part Two - Lucky refuses the pills at the last minute and goes to his NA meeting. Maxie eavesdrops as Liz and Nik talk about Lucky's recovery. Nik and Emily surpise LL2 with dinner at their apartment, when Nik let's Lucky know LuLu might not be keeping her baby. Lucky reacts badly and storms out of the apartment, finds LuLu at Kellys and yells at her.

 29th Part One, Part Two, Part Three - Lucky yells at LuLu, who runs into Liz later on the docks and fills her in. NIkolas tries to talk sense into Lucky, who then turns to yelling at his brother and Dillon, who passes by. Maxie bugs Liz about Lucky's well-being. Liz runs into Jason and tells him about her difficulties with Lucky. Maxie brings Lucky more pills.

 30th Part One, Part Two, Part Three - Maxie gives Lucky pills. Nikolas reassures Liz. Maxie catches and clue and cuts Lucky off. Lucky overhears Liz telling her troubles to Patrick. (missing last scene)

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