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 3rd Part One, Part Two - A virus is discovered at GH; Liz tries to get Lucky on the phone, but he is too weak to reach it. Liz tends to a sick LuLu.

 6th - Jesse finds Lucky at the cabin, but men with guns take him away and set the cabin on fire; Liz tends to her patients.

 7th Part One, Part Two - Jesse accuses Robert Scorpio of knowing who took Lucky, who is being held in a foreign clinic; Liz talks to Luke about LUcky.

 9th Part One, Part Two - Lucky tries to escape while LuLu gets worse. Liz talks to a weary Tony Jones and Carly and Jason are hot on the trail to find Lucky.

 10th - Luke tells Liz she married into "strong, stubborn stock"; Carly and Jason break into the clinic and attempt to rescue Lucky.

 13th - Shots are fired in the Markhaam clinic.

 15th - Liz confesses her fears to Patrick; Lucky is allowed to call Liz, thinking he has to say goodbye. Patrick comforts her and tells her to keep hope.

 16th Part One, Part Two - Liz tells Luke about Lucky's phone call; Luke confronts Robert about the virus. LuLu tries to get Luke to help Nikolas; Carly and Jason find Lucky again; Liz prays in the hospital chapel.

 17th - Lucky calls Liz again; Lucky, Carly and Jason find the antidote, but it is destroyed when they are fire upon. Liz tends to Nikolas.


 1st Part One, Part Two - Lucky and Elizabeth comfort Lucas before his father's funeral. At the hospital, Liz confronts Lorenzo about switching LuLu's chart.

 2nd - Liz tries to stop Nikolas from making a scene at Courtney's funeral.

 14th - Liz and Lucky molify a whining Nikolas outside BabyJohn's hospital room.

 23rd - Liz and Lucky invite Nikolas and Emily to the reopening of the Haunted Star.

 24th - Liz and Lucky share a moment of peace outside at the Haunted Star. Liz gives Lucky money to play the tables with and later speaks to Jason.

 27th - Lucky and Elizabeth hit a stroke of luck at the tables and win $3,000.

 28th Part One, Part Two - Lucky tells Liz of his plans to take down Manny and Alcazar. Liz goes to Jason and asks him to do whatever it takes to protect Lucky.

 29th Part One, Part Two - Liz tries to convince Lucky to come to the carnival with her, but he says he has to work. Later, at the park, Emily tells Liz she's afraid of Jason.

 30th Part One, Part Two - Shots are fired in the park; Elizabeth tends to Jesse while Lucky detains Diego. Liz leaves Cam with Georgie and Dillon. Lucky talks to Mac while Elizabeth talks to Jason and later she comforts Lucky.

 31st Part One, Part Two - Lucky tries to apologize to Maxie for his part in Jesse's condition. Diego comes by to thank Lucky for saving his life. Diego promises to work with the police to stop another attempt on his life. Jesse dies and Lucky overhears a doctor insinuate that Patrick let Jesse die to save his father.


 3rd - Lucky threatens to arrest Patrick for the murder of Jesse, but is called away with news of a shooting involving Emily. At the PCPD, he questions Emily and tries to back up a theory that Sonny and Jason were responsible for the shooting in the park. Nikolas convinces him otherwise, and Lucky blames himself for his partner's death while Elizabeth overhears.

 4th - Lucky resigns from the force. Liz admits to Luke the truth about Lorenzo switching LuLu's chart. Lucky tells Liz about his job and is surprised when she admits she's happy.

 5th - LUcky and Liz fight about Lucky's career future, but later apologize to each other and make up.

 7th Part One, Part Two - Lucky tries to keep taps on Manny at the hospital. Liz stops Manny from attacking Skye but ends up a hostage held at gunpoint when Manny stands off with Lucky.

 10th Part One, Part Two, Part Three - Lucky fights with Manny and injures his back. Liz begs for Lucky's life, and Jason arrives just in time (of course) to save Elizabeth.

 11th Part One, Part Two - Jason rescues Liz, Manny disappears and Lucky is brought to GH and undergoes back surgery.

 12th Part One, Part Two, Part Three - Despite warnings, Lucky shows up for Jesse's funeral. Mac gives him back his badge. At the hospital, Lucky deals with his pain.

 13th Part One, Part Two - Liz talks with Jax about their lost baby and shares bad medical bills news with Lucky.

 14th Part One, Part Two - Liz snaps at Epiphany and vents with Jason.

 19th Part One, Part Two - Lucky pushes himself to recovery and MagicEmily tries to Magically fix his emotional problems. Liz snaps at Epiphany a little more and Lucky surprises her with a bedside candlelit dinner from Eli's.

 20th Part One, Part Two - Liz watches Lucky push himself and self-medicate while someone is watching her. She discusses her frustration with Patrick. LuLu visits her brother and starts to tell him about their father when Liz asks her not to burden Lucky with Luke's drama. Lucky argues with her and she leaves. Later, he catches her laughing with Patrick.

 21st Part One, Part TwoIn a drug haze, Lucky watches Liz and Patrick, but Robin assures him his wife lives him. When confronted with Liz, he accuses and yells at her. Liz vents to Emily.

 26th Part One - Lucky hallucinates Liz kissing Patrick and when he comes around asks Liz where she was last night. Liz and Patrick have a secret. Epiphany takes away Lucky's morphine drip.
 Part Two - Nikolas bullies Patrick about Lucky's pain. Elizabeth turns down a dinner invitation from Lucky for that night because of a "staff meeting"
 Part Three - Lucky sees Liz leave with Patrick, and Nikolas catches Lucky loading his gun.

 27th - Nikolas and Robin both try to talk sense into Lucky. Later, Lucky and Liz have a few seconds of happy wastepaper basketball.

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