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 26th Part One - Elizabeth collapses in the kitchen with cramps and bleeding.
 Part Two - At the hospital, Liz reaffirms that she wants and loves the baby.
 Part Three - Liz loses consciousness.
 Part Four - Dr. Meadows tells Jax and Lucky that the baby is lost, and together they tell Elizabeth.


 17th - Liz and Lucky sit in the park and discuss wedding plans.

 18th - A drunken Luke tries to dissuade Lucky from getting married, and Liz interrupts his ranting.

 24th Part One, Part Two - Lucky meets Liz with coffee before her graveyard shift; Manny kidnaps Liz to treat his wounds and passes out.

 25th Part One, Part Two - Liz calls Lucky for help and escapes while Manny is passed out; the police come, but Manny has gotten away. Lucky goes to Jason re: Manny. At home, Liz and Lucky talk about what happened ("you are the good") and hear a train whistle in the background.

 26th-Nov. 1st - The Wedding Collection


 2nd - Liz and Lucky wake up as a married couple, pack for their honeymoon, say goodbye to Cam and baord the train to NYC.

 3rd - Liz and Lucky sneak away from the drama on the train and share a private dance, which is interrupted when the train crashes.

 4th Part One - The trains collide and Elizabeth finds Lucky terribly wounded.
 4th Part Two - Getting weaker, Lucky gives his wife an emotional goodbye just before the tunnel caves in.

 7th Part One - Elizabeth comes to adn finds Lucky has been buried in the rubble.
 7th Part Two - Liz digs for Lucky and finds a pulse. Luke arrives to help Elizabeth.
 7th part Three - Luke urges Lucky to fight and finds he's stopped breathing.


 23rd Part One, Part Two - Lucky comes home with a gift for Cameron, which he and Elizabeth assemble while talking about their family. Later, Lucky reads Liz a very unique bedtime story.

 23rd Part Three - Christmas montage.

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