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 12th, Part Two - Liz, Lucky and Jax argue about the surrogacy arrangement at Alcazar's hurricane assailed party.

 13th - Liz and Jax discuss the possibility that she is already pregnant. (Engagement clips can be found on the Weddings page.)

 14th Part One, Part Two - Liz and Lucky share the news of their engagement with their friends and later Jax asks Liz to hold off the wedding until after the baby is born.

 15th Part One - Jax questions Lucky's proposal timing and Elizabeth defends him.
 Part Two - Lucky "calls off" the engagement, and Liz puts an end to the surrogacy agreement, provided she isn't already pregnant.
 Part Three - Liz finds Lucky again and asks him to marry her.

 18th - Lucky accepts Liz's proposal. They dance, and as they are leaving Alcazar's, Liz gets a flash of dizziness (aka, soaptalk for "pregnancy bomb").

 19th - Liz gets confirmation that she is pregnant with Jax's child. (Interrupted wedding attempt clips can be found on the Weddings page.)

 20th Part One - Liz, Lucky and Jax talk things out after Jax stormed their impromtu wedding at the courthouse, and reach an agreement.
 Part Two - Liz and Lucky say their own vows to each other on the docks.

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