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Luke and Laura

 Title: "The Promise"
 Artist: Matt Wertz, song: "I Will Not Take My Love Away"
 Luke and Laura and the ties that bind.
 June, 2008
 Download: Full frame (19 mbs), Small frame (8.75 mbs)

Luke and Skye

 Title: "Knock Yourself Out"
 Artist: Jon Brion
 The push, the pull, the back and forth - all the fun of being in an un-relationship.

 Title: "Cowboy Romance"
 Artist: Natalie Merchant
 "He gets on the move..."

Bobbie and Tony

 Title: "So Are You to Me"
 Artist: eastmountainsouth
 Award winner.

Jason and Robin

 Title: "Lay Down Your Light"
 Artist: Kristin Hoffmann

Luke and Tracy

 Title: "Won't U Please B Nice"
 Artist: Thomas Newman and Nellie McKay
 Award winner.

Elizabeth and Ric

Title: "Frozen"
 Artist: Madonna

Carly and Lorenzo

 Title: "Because the Night"
 Artist: Patti Smith

Lois and Lorenzo

 Title: "Blue Orchid"
 Artist: The White Stripes

Ned and Lois

 Title: "Going to the Chapel"
 Artist: The Dixie Cups

Steve and Audrey

 Title: "Strong Hand"
 Artist: Emmylou Harris

Elizabeth and Jason

 Title: "Divided Heart"
 Artist: Kristin Hoffmann

Faith and Justus

 Title: "The Ballad of Jane"
 Artist: L.A. Guns

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