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 Title: "I Need to Wake Up"
 Artist: Melissa Etheridge
  GV - Lies go 'round and 'round. The destruction of Lucky and Elizabeth's relationship through to their second wedding.
  Download: HQ wmv (30.4 mbs); Smaller wmv (13.1 mbs)

 Title: "You and Me and the Moon"
 Artist: Magnetic Fields
 JJ - Happy, peppy, "at the slightest touch we're in love" little vid.
 Award winner.

 Title: "Complete"
 Artist: Stephen Speaks
 JJ and GV - Using flashes of their past, this looks at Lucky and Liz in 2005 and their way of finding their way together again.
  Award winner.

 Title: "I Sing For Your"
 Artist: Daniel Letterle
 JJ, JY and GV - A broad look at the turns in their relationship through to Fall, 2004.

 Title: "You Move Me"
 Artist: Garth Brooks
 JJ - When they both needed someone to lean on, they brought out something in each other.

 Title: "You Found Me"
 Artist: Kelly Clarkson
 JJ - "I guess that you saw what nobody could see..."

 Title: "I'll Always Be Right There"
 Artist: Michelle Branch
 GV - No matter where they are in their lives, Lucky and Elizabeth will always be there for each other.

 Title: "You've Really Got a Hold on Me"
 Artist: Cyndi Lauper
 GV - When Lucky is in a coma, Elizabeth can't let go.

 Title: "I Believe in You"
 Artist: Kylie Minogue
 GV - Old feelings resurface as a relationship comes back to life.

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