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 Title: "When I Look in Your Eyes"
 Artist: OutKast
 Fun and flirty, the Nurses' Ball.
 March, 2008
 Download: Full frame (24.2 mbs), Small frame (10.1 mbs)

 Title: "Hard Times"
 Artist: eastmountainsouth
 The end of the '06 virus storyline and the effect it has on the entire canvas of characters.
 March, 2006
Award winner.

 Title: "The Book of Love"
 Artist: Peter Gabriel
 All those happy, beautiful couples we love.
 Spring, 2005

 Title: "Here's Where I Stand"
 Artist: Tiffany Taylor
 The women of GH - strength and friendship.
 Spring, 2005

 Title: "If You Want Blood (You Got It)"
 Artist: AC/DC
 Hair pulling, gun toting, crotch kicking rivalries.
 Fall, 2005
Award winner.

 Title: "Jolene"
 Artist: Dolly Parton
 Mary/Connor/Emily AR.
 Summer, 2005

 Title: "Love Remains"
 Artist: Collin Raye
 Love and families and the history of GH.
 Summer, 2005
Award winner.

 Title: "Marry Me"
 Artist: Dolly Parton
 Weddings through the years.
 Spring, 2005

 Title: "Mary"
 Artist: Kristin Hoffmann
 All the heartache and heartbreak one video can hold.
 Summer, 2005
Award winner.

 Title: "I'm Not That Girl"
 Artist: Idina Menzel
 Elizabeth/Jax/Courtney AR.
 Winter, 2005

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