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 LuLu is sick.

 Part One - Laura brings LuLu to GH with a very high fever.
 Part Two - Lucky arrives at the hospital.
 Part Three - LuLu needs a second biopsy.

 Aplastic Anemia.

 Part Four - Lucky volunteers to be a donor.
 Part Five - Lucky is not a match.
 Part Six - Luke and Laura are tested.


 Part One, Part Two - Lucky is frustrated at not being able to help his sister and talks it through with Kevin.

 A donor is still needed.

 Part Seven - Bobbie tells a bad joke to lighten the mood.
 Part Eight - "People do what they have to do" - Laura talks to Luke about Bobbie's lost daughter.

 Cracks in the foundation.
 Part Nine - Lucky wonders why his parents didn't have more children.
 Part Ten - LuLu spikes a fever - Carly wishes she could have helped.
 Part Eleven - Lucky comforts his father.
 Part Twelve - Lucky thinks his parents are hiding something.

 One Last Chance.
 Part Thirteen - Luke tells LuLu a fairy tale.
 Part Fourteen - Laura tries to make a phone call. Fairy tale, cont.
 Part Fifteen - Tony tries to console Laura.
 Part Sixteen - A mysterious new face joins the fray.


 Part Seventeen - Lucky reads to LuLu and Laura takes an unknown call.
 Part Eighteen - The aromatic powers of pastrami.
 Part Nineteen - The family waits and a stranger is on the move.

 A return.
 Part Twenty - A stranger wings his way to Port Charles.
 Part Twenty-One - "Forgive me, Mother."
 Part Twenty-Two - "Lasha?"
 Part Twenty-Three - "I will do anything, I will hurt anyone, I will sell my soul to the devil before I stand here and watch my daughter die."

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