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 Lucky is shot.

 Part One - Laura panics when she catches Luke leaving the house in a bullet-proof vest.  Lucky listens to them fight and follows Luke when he leaves.
 Part Two - Lucky is caught in the crossfire and collapses.

 Part Three - Laura frantically searches the house for her son while Luke carries Lucky into the hospital.
 Part Four - Tony and Dr. Hardy tell Luke about Lucky's condition.
 Part Five - Laura goes to Sonny to find out what happened.

 Parents' Worst Nightmare.

 Part Six - Laura arrives at the hospital to find out Lucky was shot.
 Part Seven - "There might be some paralysis".

  Part Eight - Beautiful silent scene as Luke watches outside Lucky's room and Laura goes out to hug him.
 Part Nine - Luke and Laura fight outside Lucky's room.
 Part Ten - Lucky wakes up.


 Part Eleven - Tony examines Lucky, surrounded by a nervous audience.
 Part Twelve - Tony assures Luke and Laura that Lucky will be just fine.
 Part Thirteen - Lucky tells his parents what he remembers about what happened.

 Part Fourteen - Sly comes to see Lucky and talks about missing his father.  Luke invites Sly to hang with the Spencers any time he wants.
 Part Fifteen - Luke and Lucky have a deep conversation about what really  happened and how Lucky needs to be more careful.

 Part Sixteen - Luke, Laura and Lucky play blackjack.
 Part Seventeen - Lucky tries to stand on his own and falls.
 Part Eighteen - Tony explains the problem; Luke decides to take action.
 Part Nineteen - Laura tells Felicia to "butt out".

 Part Twenty - Great little scene.  Luke assaults his bodyguard with breath  spray and Lucky and Laura talk to Steve Hardy.  Lucky calls Steve funny,  because "he treats  me like a kid."  Laura just smiles and says, "it's nice of  you to let him."

 Part Twenty-One - At Sonny's Luke gets the news from Stone that he and  his family, as well as Sonny, might be in danger.  Luke can't get Laura on  the phone so he and Sonny make straight for General Hospital.


 Part Twenty-Two - Laura realizes they are being followed and carries Lucky into the stairwell.
 Part Twenty-Three - Laura continues to carry Lucky; Luke/Sonny arrive.
 Part Twenty-Four - Luke and Sonny fight one of the men while the other follows Laura, Lucky and Amy to the elevators.

 Part Twenty-Five - Amy helps Laura and Lucky escape via ambulance.
 Part Twenty-Six - Luke talks to them on the radio and learns where they're are going, "the safest place"; Lucky and Laura arrive at Mary Mae's.
 Part Twenty-Seven - Mary Mae tells Lucky about the kids she cares for.

 Part Twenty-Eight - Luke meets Laura and Lucky at Mary Mae's and tells Laura they have a decision to make.
 Part Twenty-Nine - After one of Lucky's physical therapy sessions, Laura discusses her career aspirations with Steve Hardy.

 A New Friend

 Part One - Lucky meets a strange but friendly dog after his physical therapy session.
 Part Two - Lucky tells his dad about the dog; Sly comes to visit
 Part Three - Luke prepares to leave again, but not before needling Lucky about his progress in therapy.

 Part Four - Lucky's mystery dog is hit by a car in the parking lot of GH.  Lucky ignores his injury and runs to the dog.
 Part Five - Bobbie and Steve examine the dog and call for an animal surgeon while Lucky stays with the dog.
 Part Six - Laura marvels at Lucky's recovery.

 Part Seven - Lucky is determined to stay with the dog all night after his surgery.
 Part Eight - Laura agrees to take the dog home.
 Part Nine - Lucky names Foster and Luke meets the new addition.

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